Miguel Bastos Araújo

Miguel Bastos Araújo (Brussels, 1969) is a biogeographer seeking to understand how different facets of Life distribute in space and time, and why. He uses a plethora of data-driven and modelling approaches to improve understanding of how climate determines the distributions of species and controls complex properties of self-organised community dynamics. Past, current, and future climate changes offer the context for much of his work as they provide a spatiotemporal laboratory for understanding change.

Lab members

We are currently 11 people covering a wide range of career stages, including 1 research professor, 1 lab manager, 3 research fellows, 3 postdocs, 2 PhD student, 1 GIS officer, 1 dialogue facilitator, and 1 admin officer. The lab hosts external visitors, and maintains a wide network of collaborators both within and outside the host institutions.

We are open to discuss proposals for hosting new post-docs. Prospective postgraduate students should write a very brief outline of their research interests. We encourage students to develop their own projects and seek for funding, though we sometimes offer studentships. We receive a vast number of applicants and places are very limited – we take on at most one or two new incomers each year. When inquiring about opportunities make sure your project falls clearly within the scope of our research.

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