Lab Members

Lab Members2024-06-10T17:09:16+02:00


Salvador Herrando Pérez

Lab Manager

Diogo Alagador

Research Fellow

Nuria Galiana Ibañez

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Vinicius Bastazini

Research Fellow

Pamela González del Pliego

Postdoctoral Researcher

Luis Felipe Camacho Cardenas

Postdoctoral Researcher

Diego Bengochea Paz

Postdoctoral Researcher


Armand Rausell Moreno

PhD Student

Nicolás Merino Robert

PhD Student

Support Staff

Hamed Ghanavi

Admin Officer

Dora Rodrigues Neto

GIS Officer

Bárbara Pais

Dialogue Facilitator


Alejandro Rozenfeld

Senior Researcher

Yara Ballarini

PhD Student

Collaborators Intramuros

Miguel Matias

Manuel Mendoza

Ana Rey

Miguel Rocha de Sousa

Collaborators Extramuros

Miguel Ángel de Zavala

Juan David González-Trujillo

Jorge Assis

Babak Naimi

Luis Reino

Antoine Guisan

Damien Fordham

Town Peterson

Mar Cabeza

José Alexandre Diniz-Filho

Carsten Rahbek

David Nogués Bravo

Richard Pearson

Rob J. Whittaker

Wilfried Thuiller

Sandra Lavorel

Paul H. Williams

Joining the lab?

We are open to discuss proposals for hosting post-doctoral research fellows in the lab. Postgraduate students interested in joining the lab should write a very brief outline of their research interests. We encourage students to develop their own projects, though we sometimes offer studentships on specific topics of interest. We receive a vast number of applicants and places are very limited – we take on at most one or two students each year. When inquiring about opportunities make sure your project falls clearly within the scope of our research and, please, avoid common pitfalls.

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