SDM model for the Caribbean spiny pocket mouse
Source: Radosavljevic, A. and R. P. Anderson. 2014. J. Biogeogr 41:629-643

We are organising a new course at Silwood Park (Imperial College) on “Species distributions models: concepts, methods, applications, and challenges”, which aims to introduce the fundamental concepts underpinning ENMs, describe the methods currently in use, and discuss the strengths and limitations of ENMs for different applications. We also plan to have specialized seminars introducing emerging concepts and next-generation approaches for modelling species distributions. The course gives equal weight to theory and application. The students will have the opportunity to learn how to run ENM with R and they will be asked to bring their own data (if such data are not available we can provide our own data). During two days the students will analyse these data and prepare a small report for discussion in the class.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, our aim is that students will be equipped to:

1.   Understand the theoretical underpinnings of ecological niche models
2.   Understand the strengths and limitations of ecological niche models in the context of different uses
3.   Be able to correctly design an ecological niche modelling study for a variety of uses of interest
4.   Get started with ecological niche modelling using R

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