Photo by Miguel Araújo (Guys fulvus in Monfrague)

Of the many problems confronting society on the veil of the 21st Century, one of the gravest is the likelihood that modern humans may so change the intrincate workings of the earth’s ecosystems that they will no longer be able to provide the support that human culture requires for its existence. Yet, our ability to understand and predict the effects of human actions on species and communities is still severely limited.

Researchers from our Lab (Joana Vicente, Miguel Matias and Miguel Araújo) are involved in the organisation of the Conference “Community Ecology for the 21st Century – From Genes to Ecosystems” that will take place in Évora between the 17th and the 19th of October 2016. During this conference we will discuss the workings of nature at all levels of organisation, from genes to ecosystems. Confirmed guest speakers include Professors Jonathan Chase, Anna Eklof, Matthew Leibold, Tom Gilbert, Dominique Gravel, David Vieites, and Guy Woodward. We will focus on recent advances in ecological theory, as well as on some of the new trends in experimental (macro) ecology and next-generation sequencing that provides unprecedented opportunities to measure and monitor changes in the natural environment.

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