Miguel Bastos Araújo elected member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

The Lisbon Academy of Sciences, founded in 1779, is a prestigious institution in Portugal with a rich history that spans over two centuries. It holds the distinction of being one of the oldest scientific academies in Europe. Since its establishment, the academy has been dedicated to advancing scientific research and fostering intellectual growth in Portugal.

The Academy of Sciences actively promotes the exploration of various fields of knowledge, encompassing natural and social sciences, humanities, and the arts. Its members, chosen from among Portuguese citizens, are renowned scholars, scientists, and intellectuals who have made significant contributions to their respective disciplines.

Through its rigorous selection process, the academy ensures that its members have produced works of recognized merit, whether in the form of scientific publications or literary achievements. This commitment to excellence guarantees that the academy maintains a high standard of intellectual rigor and fosters a vibrant academic community.

In 2023, the academy announced the election of new members, exemplifying its continued commitment to honoring exceptional individuals. Miguel Bastos Araújo’s election as a corresponding member for the Geography and Territorial Planning section reflects his expertise and valuable contributions in the field. Furthermore, the academy bestowed the title of honorary member upon António Guterres, current Secretary-General of the United Nations. This honor is bestowed upon individuals, regardless of their nationality, who have demonstrated outstanding merit in their areas of expertise.

These appointments exemplify the academy’s mission to recognize and celebrate individuals who have significantly advanced knowledge and contributed to the cultural and intellectual landscape. By promoting research, education, and the exchange of ideas, the Lisbon Academy of Sciences continues to play a pivotal role in the pursuit of knowledge and the progress of society.