Ecological connectivity in the context of land planning in Portugal

Ecological connectivity in the context of land planning in Portugal

In the context of the Portuguese case study of the Natura Connect project, we led a webinar on “Ecological Connectivity in the Context of Land Planning in Portugal“. With over 300 participants, the webinar took place in the morning of the 11th of April, with the following programme:

09:30 Welcome and agenda

09:40 European and National Initiatives within the Framework of the European Biodiversity Strategy 2030
Miguel Bastos Araújo, University of Évora & MNCN-CSIC

10:00 Ecological Connectivity in Spatial Planning
Fátima Bacharel, Directorate-General for Territory

10:20 Ecological Connectivity in Territory Management
Rosário Oliveira, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon

10:45 Landscape transformation in the municipality of Monchique – strategy, implementation, and management
Sónia Martinho, Municipality of Monchique

11:05 The experience of rewilding rural properties by Rewilding Portugal
Pedro Prata, Rewilding Portugal

11:25 Final Discussion | Moderation by Bárbara Pais
Identification of barriers and opportunities with participants

12:30 End of session

The session was in Portuguese and targeting the following stakeholders:

  • Municipal planning technicians and Inter-municipal Community technicians
  • Technicians from CCDRs (Regional Coordination and Development Commissions) in the environmental, planning, and spatial planning units
  • Technicians from the Directorate-General for Territory
  • Technicians from the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests
  • Technicians from the Portuguese Environment Agency
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Researchers and those interested in the subject